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Retained SSAS Consultancy services 



Why SSAS Members use our services

The challenge

We hear first hand from SSAS members that they are often challenged with the balance of running their own busy business and personal lives and then trying to seek robust and productive opportunities to use their SSAS.

It is, of course, very appealling, when we first become familiar with SSAS to consider all of the exciting options that are available by being granted the full-control of your own pension scheme


Just having SSAS

Having a SSAS is a very powerful and potentially very productive tool to add into the mix of your business and personal aspirations and long-term financial goals.

The problem is however, just having the SSAS is not in itself, going to create the strategic plans and outcomes that you probably have in mind for it

Typically people are very motivated to contribute higher values to the SSAS, to acquire commercial premises, and to consider loaning money, back to their own limited company, or indeed, to other third-party limited companies, and many other things, besides


We speak to many clients who have, for all the right reasons, created a SSAS with their business, yet have over some time thereafter become frustrated, that the very power and authority that they have been gifted by having the SSAS, has become a burden and a frustration, because they feel unable to fully embrace, that power and the authority and haven’t made any strategic plans or indeed gains by having the SSAS structure created for them.


We also hear from many SSAS members that they find it very challenging, communicating their ideas and aspirations to their SSAS administrator, because that administrator has no real interest in discussing that proposal with you where they would rather process a robust, and well thought through plan on your behalf which meets all HMRC rules, understandably 

Essentially, then it is very common to see a misalignment between the SSAS, the SSAS members, the sponsoring employer, and the SSAS administrator

Where do you find the help to ensure that your SSAS is working in tandem with you and your business and it’s full abilities?

Other professionals?

The solution to all of these problems is remarkably obvious, and yet is remarkably difficult to source

Some Financial advisors may understand some of the concepts of SSAS however, a very very small minority of financial advisors are active users of SSAS and therefore very few are able to guide SSAS members productively and positively on strategy for the SSAS and even less so on strategy for your business

Being blunt, it is virtually impossible to find a team of people who are familiar with all aspects of SSAS, and who have the ability to pull and coordinate all of those aspects together in one place

There is an inverse negative relationship between the massive amounts of uses and flexibility that SSAS offers and the number of professionals therefore who are able to guide on that very wide remit of specialisms, in a coordinated and consistent way

Yes of course you can seek guidance on your SSAS by speaking with your financial adviser or accountant or solicitor or SSAS administrator, however doing that will give you 4 opinions, none of which is fully aligned or consistent each other, or with you trying to coordinate plans and strategy for your business, SSAS and family

The very interconnections and great opportunities that SSAS brings, are often missed due to a lack of strategic ongoing guidance


Your existing SSAS Administrator

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The unique, robust and specialist retained SSAS Strategic Consultancy solution

What help do we give and what servcies do we provide?

The main areas of ssas strategy meeting 

• Understanding pooled asset structure within a pension scheme with other business partners key executives or other members of family

• Taxation and tax planning including corporation tax reductions, potential income tax and capital gains tax savings

• Staying on the right side of HMRC and the do’s and dont’s of a SSAS pension including the General fund and unallocated contributions

• Helping you understand and organising loan back transactions to the sponsoring employer and unconnected third partyloans from your SSAS

• property purchases  co owning commercial property with the sponsoring employer and SSAS borrowing for business use and expansion

• Succession planning and phased retirement and even estate planning inside your scheme

• Creating a conduit to pull together Tax specialists, Accountants, SSAS legal specialists, Specialised Independent Financial Advisors

• Working closely with the members and trustees including the Professional trustee and the administrator to provide a seamless service

The value of a retained service

How we engage with you?

Service / Pricing options

The great news, however, is that we here at SSAS Consultant have all of those tools and skills and experience available to help you to re-engage with your SSAS and create a robust strategy to use it in tandem with your business and your long-term aspirations for your family

Critically our service is fully aligned between you, your business, your SSAS and your SSAS administrator. Depending who your current SSAS administrator is, there may be a suggestion that moving your ssas to an alternative ssas administrator may be a productive plan, to an administrator that our services are better aligned to

A reminder – Who does SSAS suit?

All UK Business owners, Limited Companies, LLP, & Partnerships & Scottish Partnerships. See our summary below which covers a range of some of the typical users of SSAS

Want to get in touch?

Feel free to get in touch if you’ve heard about SSAS and want to know more.