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     Reminder – Who does SSAS suit?

    All UK Business owners, Limited Companies, LLP, & Partnerships & Scottish Partnerships. See our summary below which covers a range of some of the typical users of SSAS

    Sample SSAS benefits

    • Ability to contribute up to £500k per annum tax allowably from your business to your SSAS pension
    • Creating an enduring tax efficient family trust of up to 11 members
    • Ability to lend up to 50% of the monies from your SSAS to your business for any commercial use
    • Ability to lend up to 100% of the monies from your SSAS to a third party unconnected business
    • Purchase / ownership of commercial property and land directly within a SSAS
    • Allowing the “pledging” or transfer of assets into the SSAS personally or via your business

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      SSAS is an Occupational Pension Scheme type, intended for UK Business Owners.

      Our guidance is provided to the Sponsoring / Participating Employer. We are not Financial Advisers.

      SSAS is not a personal financial advisory process.

      SSAS is regulated by The Pension Regulator (TPR).

      SSAS Rules are determined by HMRC.

      Each SSAS is individually approved by HMRC.

      SSAS is a Member Directed Pension type.

      Not every SSAS application will be approved by HMRC, at their discretion.

      Set up fees are chargeable for the submission of a SSAS application to HMRC.

      SSAS rules may be subject to change by HMRC at any time.

      Taxation rates and allowances may also be subject to change at any time.

      SSAS Pension is not a product that is regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as SSAS is an Occupational Pension type and is not a Retail / Personal scheme type.

      Investments within a SSAS may be regulated by the FCA depending on the SSAS Members / member Trustees own investment choices.

      Neither SSAS Consultants nor the SSAS Administrators and Trustees that we work with are regulated to provide FCA regulated Investment or any form of Pension Transfer Financial Advice and do not imply that we can.

      You should consider taking Independent Financial Advice regarding any pension plans that you might have currently, before considering them to be used or transferred to any other pension arrangement.

      We have no mandate, influence, control, ownership or interest in the choice of investments within any SSAS.

      Neither are we Chartered Tax Advisers, Specialist Pension Solicitors or Pension Technical experts however we consult with all of these specialists and will be happy to introduce you to these Professionals and processes as appropriate and with your consent.