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We’ve crafted a unique, FULL PATHWAY to cover all aspects of SSAS and to assist you at any stage and all stages of your SSAS journey. You will NOT find this level of support in one place, anywhere else..

Being properly informed and educated by those in the know with many years experience is essential to ensure that you maximise the use of SSAS and to stay inside HMRC rules. That specialist resource is virtually impossible to find

We have crafted a modular SSAS Education resource for all of our clients to access 

When you are fully conversant with SSAS and have been properly educated on SSAS, you will be ready and motivated to proceed with your SSAS application. Finding a holistic process to do that can be really challenging however 

We will provide you with access to our unique & simple SSAS application process

Having a SSAS approved & operational is a great thing. At this stage, really understanding the power of SSAS and it’s interaction with you and your business is essential, yet it’s very hard to find specialist SSAS strategic guidance

We offer a specialist, dedicated & retained SSAS Strategy Consultancy service

We speak to many SSAS members who have become frustrated with their current SSAS administrators. Poor service and a lack of engagement are common reasons many SSAS Members seek to move their SSAS

We offer a SSAS Takeover servcie and will be delighted to discuss your needs

Love the idea of SSAS and just don’t yet know enough about it?

We speak to thousands of business owners every year who absolutely love the idea of SSAS, and have varying circumstances yet they ALL want to engage with us on SSAS for a variety of reasons and over differing timelines

Now we have the ideal solution for you!

Join our exclusive SSAS community and begin your SSAS education and development process here, with the comfort of knowing that you are being guided by specialists with decades of experience and allow us to assist you with SSAS no matter what stage you are at 

We speak to 4 types of clients:



Never heard of SSAS and are keen to learn more generally to consider SSAS in the future


Never heard of SSAS and are keen to learn more specifically as they want to start a SSAS within their own Business environment and apply for SSAS


Already have a SSAS and want to understand and utilise their SSAS more effectively and proactively


Already have a SSAS and wish to move their SSAS Administrators / Trustees to seek better service and more engagement

EDUCATION: The starting point for all clients:

As with pretty much everything valuable in life, to effectively use SSAS at any stage, it’s essential to be fully educated in the detail of SSAS, the principles, structure, technicalities, uses and processes and the parties involved. This is where we excel, and is exactly why we have created our extensive SSAS Blueprint education programme. Available to all for a very modest investment. Connect with us to get started on your SSAS journey, or indeed to continue and realign your journey: 

About SSAS Consultants

SSAS Expertise & Experience

As Independent SSAS Consultants, we work with various SSAS Professionals, SSAS Providers, Trustees, Administrators, Advisers and Technical experts and bring a whole range of resources and help together to make this process as simple as possible for our clients and their associates. We have many years of experience in the financial services sector, having advised and guided Business and Corporate clients with complex and effective solutions.

The brief content here in our website is intended as a starting point to help you understand what SSAS is and how it can work for you. You can engage with us using our very simple three step process below. 

SSAS Consultation is not a sales process and you are welcome to ask as many questions as you need to. There is never any compulsion or pressure to proceed with SSAS. We will be delighted to discuss all aspects of SSAS with you. To streamline that process for you, we have created our 3 step approach to getting started which will help you to get the best help and information in your own time and then engage with us when you are ready.

Industry Accreditation

The Professional SSAS providers that we work with are affiliated to the Association of Member Directed Pension Schemes (AMPS)

You can search for further details on their register here.

Having had a collection of former workplace pensions that I had thankfully managed to amalgamate together before they suffered some significant losses, I discovered the power of SSAS when I first met with Paul.

Having had our SSAS for over 4 years now, we’ve utilised the incredible flexibility it offers to considerably enhance both our business profitability and SSAS values in that time, way beyond the sort of growth I’d ever experienced with any pension before. 

The key with the SSAS for us is the unique level of control and investment authority that it offers. No other pension of course is designed specifically for business owners and we have simply chosen to make best use of the benefits that SSAS offers

Richard Swan

Director, Forest Kirk Properties Ltd

We started our SSAS a number of years ago, when Paul introduced us to the incredible concept of SSAS. 

As we hadn’t then heard SSAS or been educated in the ways of SSAS, We hadn’t previously considered using pensions at all with our business and we were blown away at the possibilities that SSAS offered and we have made very productive use of our SSAS within our business in the last few years.

We have worked closely with Paul over the years, and now also refer a number of our own clients over to Paul each year to help them become educated in the wonders of SSAS.

We’ve no hesitation in recommending Paul’s services

Laurie Duncan

Director, REWD Group

Launched over 50 years ago – yet so few people know about it..

HMRC Approved Tax Wrapper

As an HMRC approved Pension scheme, SSAS enjoys a tax-free environment for Corporation Tax, Capital gains Tax, Income Tax and Inheritance Tax. Each SSAS must be pre-approved and registered with HMRC.

Who does SSAS suit? 

All UK Business owners of Limited Companies. See our summary below which covers a range of some of the typical users of SSAS


Check that you qualify?

To be able to advance with a SSAS application, you will need to meet all of the following criteria (If they apply)

You Own or operate a UK based trading Limited Company

That Limited Company must be actively trading and filed as such on Companies House

You must have proof that the Company is actively trading

It must be a Trading company and not an Investment company

The company must not have been dormant at any time in the last 12 months

If you wish to transfer external personal pensions into the SSAS you must be an employee on the payroll of your limited company

If you wish to loan Money from your SSAS to your Company, you must have unencumbered security available to provide to the SSAS to the full value and interest of that loan. You may not use residential property as security

What is SSAS?

SSAS – an incredibly well kept secret. Established in the UK In 1973, SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme) is an Occupational type pension scheme, designed for businesses and their owners and directors.

SSAS offers far more flexibility and a wider range of benefits and options than any other UK pension.

SSAS allows business owners to use their pension plans and business in tandem to create robust long-term strategies for their pension, their business and their family.

Needing additional Capital for your business?

Every business needs Capital to grow and develop. SSAS can let you do just that with a source of Capital you maybe didn’t even realise you had. Become your own Lender

Sample SSAS benefits

Ability to contribute up to £500k per annum tax allowably from your business to your SSAS pension*

Creating an enduring tax efficient family trust of up to 11 members

Ability to lend up to 50% of the monies from your SSAS to your business for any commercial use

Ability to lend up to 100% of the monies from your SSAS to a third party unconnected business

Purchase / ownership of commercial property and land directly within a SSAS

Allowing the “pledging” or transfer of assets into the SSAS personally or via your business

*When making high value contributions, we always recommend having a specialist independent advisory report created to provide rationale and all calculations to verify and satisfy this process if HMRC were to ever query the contributions

Don’t be confused

Don’t be confused or miss out on understanding the very real benefits of SSAS, simply by misunderstanding the differences between SSAS and SIPP. Many people, Professional Advisers included, are often confused and unaware of the very real and distinct differences between SSAS and SIPP. They are absolutely not the same, and most certainly do not create the same outcomes. We will be happy to provide clarity on the generic structural and practical differences between SSAS & SIPP

Do you own Commercial Property or Land or are looking to buy either?

You’ll be especially interested in our presentation and weblinks here. This process and the benefits are virtually unknown to Accountants and Professional advisers, however all of the processes that are undertaken here are carried out by specialists and suitably qualified Professionals, and backed up with Professionally Indemnified (Insured) advice from those Professionals. That advice will be given by a range of Specialist Pension Solicitors, Chartered Tax Advisers, SSAS Technical experts, SSAS Professional Trustees and so forth and can be done in full collaboration with your existing advisers.


Please note that as at May 2020, the process of pledging existing property into SSAS is currently subject to review and new enquires in this respect will be held pending further guidance 

Start here!


To help you start your process of understanding how SSAS can benefit you and your business, we have created our SSAS Blueprint Education programme

SSAS is a very specialist tool, and we have found over many years that Business owners are blown away at the power and capabilities of SSAS. To ensure that we share SSAS information and open up our extensive resources and network capabilities with the right business owners, we now provide access to those specialist resources, expertise, experience and valuable contacts within our Exclusive SSAS Blueprint Education programme

The cost of our Blueprint programme is minimal, the value within is priceless!

Watch a short Interview with us which explains SSAS simply

SSAS Consultation is not a sales process and you are welcome to ask as many questions as you need to. There is never any compulsion or pressure to proceed with SSAS.

We will be delighted to discuss all aspects of SSAS with you. To streamline that process for you, we have created our Exclusive SSAS membership which will open up all of our experience, expertise and resources to you to allow you to engage with us on SSAS no matter where you are in the process currently 

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