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To access all of the benefits of our exclusive SSAS membership subscription, simply click on the link below to set up your monthly secure direct debit

Our brand and trading name is SSAS Consultant, and our Company name is Raeburn Heriot Consulting Limited and your monthly subscription will be paid to Raeburn Heriot Consulting Limited

The monthly subscription is £21 plus vat meaning a total of £25.20 will be deducted by direct debit 

The membership is an allowable business expense

When you click this link, you will be guided through the Direct Debit process by our Direct Debit provider –  you simply need to follow the clear instructions that they will send to you by email

Once you have completed this process, we will send you details of how you access our Members Exclusive SSAS App (the app is available from April 2023) however all benefits are available before then in a different format


If you are already an Exclusive SSAS Member


Please access your private access site here